What People are Saying
... in ARISE Parish Teams in the Diocese of Stockton:

"The ARISE Parish Team has grown into a community of caring, nurturing adults who share the same common goal of leading their fellow parishioners close to Christ. We have gained valuable experience in leadership skills and better understand how diversity and cultural differences are our strength!"
"Our parish team has evolved from a parish ministry into a prayer community. Initially, we came together at the behest of our pastor, and were hesitant and somewhat guarded in our interactions. With the monthly ARISE faith sharing sessions, we have come to know each other in a more personal and loving way. We support each other in our difficulties and celebrate our strengths together. It has been a beautiful journey of mutual sharing and support."
... about Season Four, New Heart, New Spirit:

"I have learned so much from others in my group about the Catholic faith and the Bible."

"As Lent approached I explored the possibility of adapting the ARISE program to build community among residents of both the nursing home and the retirement community."

"It inspired me to be more forgiving and less judgmental of others in my personal relationships. Also, I have prayed and fasted more for healing in the church."

... about Season Three, In the Footsteps of Christ:

"One of our small community groups prepared a hand-out on the Sacrament of Reconciliation and distributed it at all our Masses this past weekend and spoke after Communion as well, explaining that this was an "action" taken by one of the small ARISE groups to remind people of the rewards of Reconciliation and how being part of an ARISE group inspired them to do this. The handout listed the times for confessions for not only our parish but for many of the churches nearby, as well as Arch St. in Boston."

"I can’t tell you what a joy it has been to be part of this wonderful program! This is in addition to the relationships that have been made. You should see the hugs at Mass…Members call and check up on one another and have a great prayer line going!  Amazing!"

"All in all, one of the greatest outcomes of ARISE at St. Mary’s Parish was the sense of community that was established within the groups, especially across cultural lines the relationships that have been created will serve our parish community well as we try to reach out and involve new comers to a more active involvement in the parish community."
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