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Lifting Up Our Hearts
Praying with the Third Edition of the Roman Missal
Bring the Third Edition of the Roman Missal
to life in your parish ...

The new edition of the Roman Missal offers a "teaching moment" in the spiritual life of parishes. Lifting Up Our Hearts is the way to embrace that opportunity. Each session enhances participants' understanding of the liturgy, resulting in their experiencing more full, conscious, and active participation.

This six-session small group faith-sharing process will renew parishioners' spiritual life and appreciation of the liturgy. Through prayerful reflection on the changes to the people's parts of the Mass, this resource emphasizes the role of the assembly and leads Catholics into a deeper understanding of the meaning of
the Mass.
This resource was written by Dr. Peter J. Zografos, noted liturgical theologian and presenter for the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions.

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